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Boots on the Ground


Kyle Sweeney 

Director of Farming Operation 

Kyle Sweeney has been working with Sun Grape Farming since 2013 when he was hired as Director of Farming Operations. Kyle graduated from California State University Fresno with a degree in Agriculture Business. Through his experience and knowledge gained in the industry, Kyle is in charge of all aspects of farming and works in connection with ownership to manage and grow the company for years to come. 


Favorite Grape: Sugraone  


Luis Narvarro

Eastside Ranch Manager


Esmeralda Villalobos 

Administration & HR Manager

Esmeralda Villalobos has been with the Cacciatore Family since 2010. She likes the loyalty and trust that the family-owned company provides. “At Sun Grape we all share a level of commitment to maximizing our vision and long-term goals for the company” - Esmeralda.
Esmeralda has been with Sun Grape for 4 years. 


Favorite Grape: Allison


Vincent Cacciatore

Assistant to the Director of Farming

Vincent Cacciatore is the third Generation of the Cacciatore Family with the hope to one day manage Sun Grape. Vincent has been around the produce industry since childhood. His passion is shown by his initiative, perseverance, and eagerness to learn from the ground up. Vincent’s objective is to keep the family business going for generations to come.


Favorite Grape: Flame Seedless


Richard Guzman 

Westside Ranch Manger

Richard Guzman is the Westside Ranch Manager for Sun Grape in the Huron area. Richard has been in the farming industry his whole life. He’s been with Cacciatore family for over 16 years. Richard shows a passion for farming table grapes. Richard has worked all aspects of the farm where his now Ranch Manager. Richard has been with SunGrape for 7 years.


Favorite Grape: Sugraone  

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