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The Sun Grape Way

Sun Grape is not a team, we are one big family! We are not the biggest producer but we are very passionate. Our farm team devotes their life to produce great quality. We all share the same goal, to produce the best grapes the Central Valley of California has to offer. We value our employees and provide a safe, friendly working environment which leads to the success of Sun Grape.  

One Berry At A Time

Quality Assurance

At Sun Grape we take pride in all we do. It all starts from the beginning by selecting some of the best table grape lands California has to offer. No expense is spared in the farming process, whether it's the material used to our farming equipment. All labor is done by hand to ensure that not one bunch is missed. We continue to keep our farming practices up to date with the newest methods and technology. We treat our vines with love and respect to ensure a long sustainable life.


Sun Grape's Commitment

Food Safety and Traceability

Nobody takes food safety and product quality more seriously than we do. We voluntarily submit a safety audit every season to a certified third-party auditor in addition to participating in the Global Food Safety Initiative. We are a Global Gap certified company. Every new employee requires security training and performs a yearly exercise to ensure they can trace products quickly in the event of a recall. Our software allows us to track every single box of grapes that have been shipped The consumer is our priority at Sun Grape, making sure they have peace of mind when they are enjoying their grapes.

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