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Sustainable and Regenerative


We care about protecting the environment and being great stewards of the land. Wherever we can, we recycle growing materials, eliminate the use of potentially harmful substances, and minimize the impact of our growing operations on the environment.

We have invested in all new trellis system that is dipped in galvanized metal. This will protect the vines and grapes from deterioration and maintenance free compared to the standard metal and wood trellis systems.

Our new drip emitters systems allow us to control precisely the output of water to each vine with no waste. Soil tensions probes allow us to monitor water and fertilizer movement through the soil profile and determine when and how long to irrigate.


Regenerative Farming

In order to increase the nutrient availability and water holding capacity of our soil, we reuse plant material by pruning and mulching it into the soil. This, in tandem with our nutrient management plans and nitrate budgeting (soil, water and leaf tissue tests) reduces the need for excessive fertilizers. 

We take pride in our farming, which makes our decision to implement regenerative farming practices that much more important. Our goals were to reduce our soil erosion by using methods such as conservation, tillage, covering crop plantings, and composting for soil health. 


Doing Our Part

We are a part of many different programs such as SWEEPS, Healthy Soils Program, and the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution and Dust Control Program. 

By adapting to these programs, we ensure that we reduce our carbon footprint for the future of California farms and residents. 


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